Mackólak Guesthouse and Eco Lodge
Our Mission:
We all have a desire to escape from our hectic lives. Our mission is to offer our guests the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and reflect, and in doing so improve the quality of life, body, mind & spirit, in a quiet and peaceful healing environment.  We have complete freedom to choose what feels good and relaxes us. Mackolak guesthouse and Eco lodge seeks to provide a home for individuals and groups with a desire to renew & restore stillness and clarity in their daily lives and reconnect with the world with renewed purpose.  Our motto is “It’s great to be alive”, as such we aim to have all our guest rediscover their zest for life!
Our commitment goes beyond simply providing you with accommodation. As your hosts, we possess decades of wisdom in healing and living in harmony with nature, observing an environmentally responsible lifestyle. Applying this knowledge is crucial to providing you with the service which is sure to activate the internal healing process of the body & spirit, translating to long term everyday benefits of wellness, reducing anxiety and expanding your mental awareness.  Upon your arrival you will be greeted by hosts who believe the essence of hospitality is warmth, loving care and personalized service.  We are dedicated to offering a family like atmosphere and extend a welcome to anyone longing for some much needed rest and relaxation.
Our Creative Vegetarian Kitchen provides a range of healthy dishes, with ingredients sourced from local, organic and wild grown plants and vegetables with unique healing properties.  Whether you are interested in learning more about our creative cuisine, practicing Yoga or a variety of other healing forms or movements, self-awareness techniques, a whole-body detox/cleanse, massage or learning some traditional art and craft, we have it all on offer!
We complement our services with a range of locally produced handy craft and other products made by us from locally sourced, organic & environmentally sustainable ingredients.  We offer a selection of tea, jams, and vegetarian condiments, home baked bread, and preservative free cordial syrups, all made right here at Mackolak.  Food tasting with a wide range of culinary options, Hungarian fares full of sustenance & nutrition, traditional wood fire oven baked dishes and vegetarian meals are just some of the gastronomical options we have on offer.
Enjoy our Finnish style sauna, massage or choose to take part in one of our lifestyle camps including detox, yoga, dance, crafts and self-help – it’s all in your hands and we are here to make your stay a memorable experience.

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